7 end table décor ideas for inspiration

The end table is an important piece of furniture in any room. From living rooms to hallways, end tables are often unassuming but serve an important purpose, both functionally and decorative. But creating a great display of end table décor can be tricky. You often run the risk of creating an arrangement that is either too cluttered or too bare. Looking for some end table décor ideas? We’ve collected some great tips that will help demystify the art of creating great living room end table décor.

Intriguing ornaments

The most common way to decorate an end table is to create an arrangement of table accessories or knick-knacks. These can range greatly in design, from tiny figurines or statues to items that you’ve picked up on your travels. Garage sales and thrift stores are a great place to find interesting items that nobody else will have!

While the decorative ornaments you incorporate into your end table décor don’t have to be sentimental or meaningful to you, they can be great conversation starters. Good living room end table décor does double-duty by being both decorative as well as serving a function. Many people think that ornaments and trinkets aren’t functional, but in reality, they add a new dimension and personality to your living space, contributing to the warmth of a lived-in home.

Candles create mood

Candles are another go-to table accessory when creating an arrangement for your end table. Whether you choose real ones or the battery-operated variety, candles can be burned to add a delightful aroma to your space or simply to function decoratively.

Today, candles can be found in virtually every scent and color imaginable, so you’re sure to find one that suits the rest of your living room décor as well as your tastes. Handmade candles add an extra-special touch and can be found at local stores as well as online marketplaces. However, candles as simple as real or battery-operated tea lights should be leveled up with decorative votives that create a stunning, glowing piece of décor when illuminated. Candles could just be the perfect piece of end table décor for your living space.

Trays can organise your décor

Table trays have become more and more popular pieces of end table décor. They’re a great way to neatly corral all sorts of decorative pieces whilst increasing visual sophistication and functionality.

Add stacks of books, candles, trinkets, and even television remotes. From wood to metal, trays are one of the more functional ideas for your end table décor.

Contrasting coasters

End tables are a natural place to rest your drink, and you’ll want to protect your furniture from water marks or coffee-cup rings. The good news is that beautiful coasters can be found to suit any living room style. We love marble or stone coasters—they add a sleek touch to modern and traditional living rooms alike. You can also find coasters made of wood or even mosaic tiles.

Coasters are also a great way to add a pop of color to your narrow end table. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even make them yourself with supplies picked up from your local craft store, or order photo coasters online to turn your family memories into functional accessories for your living room end table décor.

Twinkly lights create magic

Battery-powered string lights are a great way to add a beautiful, dainty element to your wooden end table. They can be found with multiple colors of wire so you can match the lights to other metallic elements already present in your living room décor. You can even find ones that are easily turned on and off via remote control.

Some string lights also have changeable color options as well as a variety of light flicker patterns. From the most basic to the more advanced versions, twinkle lights add a great atmosphere to any end table décor arrangement.

Book stacks

Coffee table books are a staple part of many living room’s décor, but end table books can be just as important and impactful. Curating an enticing selection of books for your rustic end table is a great way to start conversations and break the ice when you have guests over.

Try shopping at local bookstores and finding unique volumes by local authors or about your area. Photography books and art books are also great go-to options. You can also find books on places that you’ve traveled to or books about personal interests that you or your family have. In general, if it catches your eye, it will likely be interesting to your houseguests, too!

Personal touch

A house doesn’t feel like a home without the personal touches of the people that live there, and adding photographs to your end table décor arrangement is a great way to do that. Adding family photos from significant moments, destinations, or milestone celebrations are a great way to make a space feel like your own.

You can display them in frames or add them to a photo book or album. Eclectic collections of frames can add texture and interest to your space—consider picking some up at a flea market or thrift store and painting them to match your living room’s accent wall.

We hope that these living room end table décor ideas are helpful to you as you work to make your space feel like your own! Remember to use creativity—there are no hard rules or limitations when it comes to decorating a space. When it comes down to it, your home is for you to enjoy, and if you like the way it’s decorated, that’s all that matters.

Great end table décor combines function, beauty, and personal touches to create a great arrangement of items that makes you and your family smile. Happy decorating!

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