Best living room plants

Adding indoor plants to your home does more than just create a clean, fresh look—they provide you with clean air, strengthening your body and spirit while making your space look great!

Research shows that adding indoor plants can help you psychologically, too—making you more relaxed, focused, and less stressed. No matter if you’ve got a sunny window or a collection of shady corners to work with, we can help point you in the right direction to begin growing your own indoor jungle, whatever your level of gardening experience!

What are the best plants for sunny windows

If you’ve got a well-lit living room, you’re lucky—and you can take full advantage of the space by growing some beautiful plants that will just thrive in sunlight. Bring in a sneak peek of summer at any time of the year with these indoor plants! One of our favorites to add a splash of color is the croton, a leafy, multi-hued stunner that’s available in a variety of shades.

Looking for something more subtle? Try an aloe vera or jade—these two sun-loving succulents will soak up the rays when placed on your windowsill.

What about shade?

We’re not all blessed with bright, sunny spaces, but never fear! Even the darkest of living rooms, with small windows or north-facing light, can be brightened up with the addition of a shade-loving shrub. Many types of ivy, for example, will thrive in environments with low to medium amounts of light, making them perfect for climates with long winters and a few hours of sunlight.

Snake plants are also great for these conditions, and they add a classy touch to living-room corners, while their vertical shape makes them unobtrusive in even the smallest of apartments.

I’ve never grown indoor plants before, where should I start?

Even if you have a “brown thumb”, there are some plants that are hardy enough that even the most inexperienced gardeners can care for them. These plants are hardy, tolerate dry spells well, and bounce back from non-ideal conditions with little fuss! We recommend the Chinese money plant, an adorable little desk plant that loves low-light and only requires weekly watering.

Looking for something a little larger? Try the yucca plant, which grows into a tree-like shape and is perfect for sunny corners, while still thriving in dry soil.

If you’re an experienced gardener, the world of indoor plants is wide open to you! From succulents to trees and flowering sprouts, some plants are just more finnicky than others, requiring different levels of humidity, light, and water to look their best. If you’re up for the task, consider giving plants like orchids, gardenias, or miniature roses—all delicate, flowering plants that require attention and care, but offer great rewards.

More into greenery? Try ferns like the Boston fern, which require warm temperatures, moisture, but indirect sunlight—a combination that can be hard to master in certain climates.


Happy furnishing!

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