Clever storage ideas for small bedrooms

Your bedroom is more than likely the room in your house where you spend the most time. More than just a place to sleep, the bedroom also functions as a place to hang out, to relax, or a place that might double as a home office or craft room in small apartments and homes. A room that serves so many different purposes is also tasked with storing a lot of different items, and small bedrooms can quickly start to feel crowded and unorganized as a result.
That’s why we’ve gathered this list of clever storage ideas for small bedrooms to help you regain control of your space and create a room that you love being in!

Floating shelving

When floor space is limited, the natural move is to work vertically for bedroom storage. Luckily, shelves are available in almost every style, color, and size imaginable, and can be used to store everything from books to bins of clothing or art supplies. Plus, it’s relatively easy to build a custom bookshelf that perfectly suits your space! We especially love floating shelves for small bedrooms: they get items up off of the floor and out of the way without taking up too much space, and you can also use them to display collections or show off pretty candles and ornaments without cluttering your table or desk space.

Hang as much as possible

Okay—now you know all the ways that shelving can help create an organized and clutter-free space in small rooms, but what about all of the other stuff that doesn’t quite work on a shelf? That’s where hooks, sticky strips, and corkboards come in as clever storage ideas for small bedrooms! You can hang everything from your laundry bin to your jewelry organizer, and free up floor and surface space for things that really need it.

Friendly folding furniture

You need a desk, places to sit, extra work surfaces…in a small bedroom, there’s just not room for all of the extra furniture on your wish list. But don’t worry—that’s where folding furniture comes in! We don’t mean card tables and metal folding chairs (although those will work in a pinch). Today, folding desks, chairs, and side tables are available in a wide variety of designs and sturdy materials to suit all different kinds of spaces. You can also build your own folding desk or table space that can be lowered down from the wall, too, which helps to free up walking space when it’s not in use.

A door, but much more…

In a small bedroom, everything has to serve double or triple duty to maximize storage, and your bedroom and closet doors are no exception! You’ve probably already seen hanging shoe racks that are great alternatives to ones that rest on the floor, but there are so many more possibilities for what a door can be used for! Some of our favorite clever ideas are jewelry racks, handbags, flat bookshelves, and wrapping-paper stations. The possibilities are truly endless, and you’ll love that your items are organized instead of being shoved into bulky bins. Plus, your items will likely stay looking nicer for longer when they’re up and out of the way.

Window seats

Window seats are a great weekend DIY project, and they can really heighten the appeal and character of any bedroom. They’re also a great storage idea for small bedrooms, giving you a huge amount of room to tuck away extra pillows or blankets, holiday decorations, out-of-season clothing, and so much more! Window seats also provide an extra place to sit and read or extra seating for guests, and depending on the space you have, you can even build one that’s long enough to serve as a guest bed. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to window seats!

Suitcases as a nightstands

Small bedrooms often have small closets, and even a perfectly normal amount of clothes can start to feel overwhelming quickly when you’re working with a tiny space. Store your out-of-season clothes in vintage suitcases to free up closet space AND create a cool bedside table or nightstand! Suitcases aren’t just limited to storing clothes, though: you can use them to tuck away all sorts of items, like photo albums, reference books, tax paperwork, or anything else that you don’t need to get to regularly but still need to be easily accessible.

Other creative DIY ideas

Your bed is the most important essential item in any bedroom. Thanks to new designs and some clever DIY plans readily available on the internet, your bed can now do double-duty too, just like everything else in a small bedroom! Consider bed risers, which can lift your bed up to six inches or more and create a ton of extra room for storage bins underneath. You can also take the idea of a trundle bed and run with it, creating under bed drawers that can store everything from extra clothes to pillows, sheets, and blankets, and so much more! Raised bed platforms also leave room for narrow bookshelves, too, keeping your favorites out of the way but still within easy reach. We’ve even seen people use raised beds to make room for a pet bed underneath!

But using your bed for extra storage isn’t just limited to space underneath it: you can also use headboards for storage! Many clever designs are available to purchase, as well as unique DIY
plans that you can modify to suit your needs. Your headboard can even double as a bedside table, with pull-out drawers or floating shelves on either side.

Don’t be discouraged by a small space! There are plenty of clever storage ideas for small bedrooms and working with the constraints of a smaller space can often result in some clever, creative DIY projects that are fun as well as rewarding. Bedroom storage ideas help to make your room feel cleaner and create a space that you enjoy being in, which is essential in making your room a place to relax and unwind. Happy furnishing!

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