What Is The Ideal Coffee Table Height

Are you thinking of buying a new coffee table to fit in your living room and wondering how to find the right one that fits well in your room?

With many sizes and shapes to choose from, it can be a confusing task. Nevertheless, when you are looking for a coffee table, you must keep in mind that it should match well with other furniture in the room while also leaving space to move around.

Hence, it is imperative to know the shape and size of the current furniture and then choose an appropriate coffee table fit.

Coffee table height

To get the perfect look to your room, your coffee table must ideally be either of the same height or else a couple of inches shorter than the height of your sofa as on top of the cushions. If it is any higher, it may look overpowering as compared to other furniture in the living room. If it is too much lower than the sofa, it will be difficult for you or your guests to reach it to pick up any items on the table.

The average size of a coffee table is usually between 17-18 inches from the floor to the top of the cushions. Hence, an ideal coffee table height should range anywhere between 16 -18 inches as this will work well with the standard sofa height. Just remember the standard coffee table height must be a bit lower than that of a sofa so that it all matches up.

Coffee table length

While choosing the length of a coffee table, you will need to again use the sofa in your room as a guide. Length is also as important to consider as the height since a coffee table that is long can also overwhelm the sofa and hamper your movement within the room. The best way to find a coffee table with an ideal length is by choosing a coffee table that has the length of approximately 2/3rd of your sofa. So, if your sofa has a length of 84 inches you can choose a coffee table which is around 56 inches in length. This will ensure that you can easily reach the table while sitting on the other side of the sofa as well as have a good space to move around it.

Placement of the coffee table

Now we have established the average size of the coffee table in your living room, it is also equally important that you place it in a way that your movement is not restricted. In addition, it should be ideally placed between 12-18 inches from the sofa or chairs so that there is enough space to avoid tripping, as well as it being easy enough to reach by your guests to pick up their coffee or tea.

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