Elevate Your Living Room with These Lighting Ideas

The living room, as the name suggests, is one of the liveliest spaces in a home. It is often utilized as a multipurpose room where we spend time entertaining family and friends, lounging, reading a book or watching TV. Living room lighting needs to be carefully considered as this is often the first room one comes across when entering a home. Lighting sets the tone and mood in the space and creates a sense of warmth.

When creating a lighting plan for your space it is best to incorporate different layers of lighting from various sources such as table lamps, floor lamps and recessed lighting. Today, there are endless options when it comes to living room lighting – simplistic, extravagant, classic, modern and so many more! Here are some options that are sure to enhance your current lighting situation.

Primary ambient lighting

It’s essential to layer your lighting. Start with primary or ambient lighting, this will be the first light you turn on when walking into the room. It is the light that illuminates the entire room and helps to offset the brightness of task lights, computers and TVs in order to avoid glare and ease strain on the eyes.

There are plenty of options when it comes to primary lighting – table lamps, floor lamps or ceiling lighting.

Ceiling lights tend to be the best choice as it will disperse light evenly throughout your space. A chandelier or pendant light may be a great option as it will add style as a statement piece while also adding practicality. Choosing a centrepiece such as a chandelier or pendant can reduce your power consumption as you will not really need any other lighting fixtures.

Task lighting

Task lighting is bright, direct lighting that is used for tasks such as reading and can be a wonderful accessory. Once the primary lighting source is chosen it is common to stop there without considering other lighting fixtures. However, additional lighting can really add dimension to your modern living space.

Table lamps that can be placed on either the coffee table or side table and floor lamps which are typically placed in corners are the most common task lighting fixtures utilized in living rooms. Both table lamps and floor lamps are best placed next to a sofa or chair so they can be fully exploited. If you are looking to save table or floor space, a sconce may act as a great substitute.


Accent lighting

Accent lighting serves a couple of purposes – it can add style and visual fascination to your space while canceling out harshness from task lighting. It can also be used to brighten dark corners and highlight artwork or architectural features. Accent lighting can also create the illusion of a larger space when deployed correctly.

Placing a light fixture on a side table, coffee table, or in a corner that is not illuminated by the primary lighting source and would otherwise remain dark is a great way to enhance your space.

When it comes to living room lighting ideas, there are many options ranging from style to type of lighting fixture. When considering the perfect lighting pieces for your home, it is vital to consider how these pieces will work with the space you have available. It can be easy to get excited and pick the first thing that stands out to you, but this will not always the best option for your particular space.

Remaining flexible in terms of lighting options is important for the functionality and appearance of your living room.

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