5 Living Room Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

In today’s world, we all live fast paced and hurried lifestyles. At the end of a busy day, we want to come home to an relaxing and homely living space. The living room is the ‘epicentre’ of the home. Whether it’s a space to enjoy coffee with friends, movies with the family or a place to read your favourite book. This space can also quickly become the ‘epicentre’ of messy clutter.

Here are 5 great living room storage ideas that will allow you to enjoy and utilize the space in a constructive and trendy way.

Use multipurpose furniture

Furniture with disguised storage will automatically allow you to utilise your space more effectively.
While a glass coffee table can open-up the space, it becomes disadvantageous when its covered in books, notebooks, and games. Instead, look for a coffee table that has inner shelves and drawers, so that you can store all these items out of sight.

A storage sofa is another excellent use of space. A storage sofa is money well spent, exteriorly stylish and sleek while doubling up as a concealed storage space for those extra pillows and throws. Another multi-purpose piece of furniture is an upholstered storage bench which is a brilliant way to create extra seating in the living room, acquire additional storage, as well as contribute to the design of your living room space.

Think wall-to-wall

If you are in the market for a new set of shelves, consider investing in shelves that run wall-to-wall. This multi-functional option can also dress up the walls without you having to get out the paint or toolbox. Wall to wall shelves can be a practical way of turning bare walls into a display of family photos or to store any books that would usually end up gathering dust on the coffee table.

Smart shelving

Smart shelving is a great way to utilise and maximise space while disguising clutter in hidden shelves. Open shelving is another creative way to spruce up your living room space, decorating it with pictures, indoor plants or your favourite ornaments. You might also want to consider hanging hooks as a convenient way of storing all those extra coats scarves and hats that lie around the house.

Repurpose old storage

We all have things in our garage, spare room or living room that just seem to take up space. Maybe you inherited a bulky old suitcase that could be polished up and used as a vintage side table, or an end-of-bed trunk that could begin its new life as a small coffee table. Think outside the box, it is also a great way to get new furniture on a budget!

Buy a bar (or library) cart

A bar cart is hugely versatile. Depending on your space and lifestyle, you can customise it to display your favourite wines or cocktail mixers. Other innovative ways to use a cart include storing books, stashing art supplies or as a little trolley for serving the coffee and tea round in your living room. A great investment and readily available online.

Your living room should be personalised, a space to relax, unwind and enjoy. When designing and organising you living room, whether it is big or small, it is important to achieve a balance of functional comfort and aesthetically pleasing design.

It’s not difficult to make the most of your living room space, provided you’re willing to be a little inventive, imaginative and unconventional.

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