Unique coffee table décor ideas and inspiration

The coffee table is the staple in every well-decorated living room. It holds your mugs, your books, and serves so many other purposes that sometimes it gets forgotten about when decorating. But adding some detail and interest to your coffee table arrangement can really tie all of the other elements of a room together!
We’ve gathered some of our favorite coffee table decorating ideas here, but don’t feel limited by the ones outlined below: the sky’s the limit when it comes to putting together a fantastic coffee table display!

Flowers and greens

The most basic of tabletop décor, vases of flowers, and foliage add a naturally calming effect. Make an impact with a colorful arrangement of blooms or create a more understated look with sprigs of greenery. Don’t discount the design contribution a thoughtfully chosen vase can give. Remember to coordinate it with your color palette or take this opportunity to add an unexpected contrast of color to the room. These are also a great option for round coffee tables, as round vases mimic their shape.

Decorations for glass-topped tables

A table with a glass top gives you a lot of options for adding decorations. Due to the table’s light, airy and open surface appearance, you have a huge amount of flexibility to add colorful books, flowers, decorative ornaments, and small trinkets without overwhelming the space.

A statement piece that makes an impact

In small living rooms or rooms that are already packed with personality-filled décor and details, you might not need to work as hard to create a dazzling coffee table display. We love to use simple, elegant sculptures, metallic-toned trinkets, or coasters to add interest without overwhelming an already colorful space. For a simple DIY, fill a clear vase with colorful marbles, glass pieces, or stones to create an interesting piece that isn’t too heavy and doesn’t overwhelm the space.

What about ottomans?

Ottomans are a practical alternative to traditional coffee tables, but they can be tricky to decorate because of their non-rigid tabletop surface. One great tip is to use a tray to create an even place to display items like books, or other items that won’t be broken if the tray is bumped by accident. Leave your more fragile items, like vases or pieces of art, to rest on side tables or other sturdier surfaces.

Sentimental item

One of our favorite ways to add personality and interest to a rustic coffee table is to use it to hold an item that has meaning to you or your family. Photo albums are a great place to start, and also become a great talking point for guests. You can also display framed images or use the space to hold a sentimental item and give a meaningful piece the space it deserves. Not only is this a great way to add a genuine feel to your living room, but it also places significant items in a place where you’ll be able to look at them every day, instead of having them tucked away in a closet or storage bin.

Stacks of books add interest

Coffee table books are probably the most common item that comes to mind when talking about decorating a coffee table. Those with an interest in literature, or any topic that’s conveyed in printed volumes, can make use of this convenient flat surface to display their favorite books on any topic. Guests will love looking through them, making this option a great conversation starter as well as a great alternative to bookshelves when it comes to displaying your collection of texts. You can also add your best bookshelf speakers if you’re feeling bold and artsy.

Organize and categorize with trays

Trays are a great option when it comes to organizing a wide variety of items on your coffee table, especially if you’re working with a large surface. You can use them to categorize the items on display, which can help keep the items from overwhelming the space. They’re also a great option if the top of your coffee table is wood-based or if it’s a vintage piece, as they can protect the tabletop from spilled drinks or rings from coffee mugs, as well as from general nicks and scratches. Not to mention, a tray itself is a great way to add more visual interest to your space!

We hope that you enjoyed reading and taking inspiration from our ideas to add some dimension and character to your coffee table arrangements. Remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to deciding how you’d like to decorate, so let your imagination run wild and don’t limit yourself to just the ideas written here! Think about incorporating the items you collect, trinkets from your travels, or any number of other options that could show your homeley personal touches. Happy furnishing!

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